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Kinetic Water Injectors (KiWiTM)

Nostrum Energy’s water injection technology with patented kinetic particle breakup nozzle is the unique proprietary injector designed to meet the extreme challenges of water injection. Nostrum’s diluent injectors improve atomization enabling the reduction of the amount of water used. This in turn maximizes the benefits of charge cooling and dilution as well as minimizes any of the negative aspects that have been issues with prior efforts, such as oil dilution and component damage.

KiWiTM Direct Water:

High pressure, direct in-cylinder water injectors.

KiWiTM Port Water:

Low and medium pressure, water injectors for intake track locations (single, multi and port).

Kinetic Water Injection

Patented kinetic particle breakup mechanism nozzle that delivers improved atomization, significantly reduced liquid lengths, and superior vaporization rates.

Operating Pressure: Low (4bar) to high (250bar) pressure systems.

Spray targeting capabilities: Up to 103 plume widths and up to 35 targeting angle; split plume and special plume cross sections.

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Spray Plume Angles

An Effective Mechanism for Charge Cooling in Forced Induction Engines.

Product Line KiWiTM Direct Water KiWiTM Port Water
Application Direct- in cylinder water injection Port & Intake track water injection
Description Fully integrated high pressure nozzle with colliding jet geometry Modular plate with colliding jet geometry
Spray Type Diffuse Cone Plume Diffuse Cone Plume
Number of holes (n) 2-12 2-14
Plume angles (Theta) 35-110º 20-120º
Targeting angles (Alpha) 0-35º 0-45º
Plume cross sections Round, Oval, Irregular, Concavely or Convexly polygonal, or any freehand shape Round, Oval, Irregular, Concavely or Convexly polygonal, or any freehand shape
Static flow rates Up to 25g/sec Up to 16g/sec
Minimum pulse width 0.35msec 0.6msec
Static flow tolerance +/- 3% +/-3%
Dynamic flow tolerance +/- 3% @ 1ms +/- 6% @ 1ms
Operating pressure Up to 280 Bar Up to 8 bar
Operating temperature range -31ºC - 130ºC -40ºC - 110ºC
Power Supply Standard GDI Driver 9-16.5 V
Coil Resistance 1.5 Ω 12 Ω
Length (mm) 90 48.65, 60.66